Author News Update November 20: Twitch, Disney, YouTube, Book, Thanksgiving

I’ve recently made a small disappearance from my website here; but I promise it’s been worth the wait for you all!

Two (maybe three) days ago, I launched my Twitch Channel; where my family and friends get together to stream games and other video creations.

Though I always wanted to get into live streaming, I never quite had an adequate set up or amount of good content to share.

To help promote all the wonderful things going on in my life, I’ve finally launched my Channel over at Twitch; with a more lively YouTube coming in the near future.

With the school semester coming to an end, I’ve also find myself a little backlogged between homework and leisure, like trips to Walt Disney’s Disney World, Orlando.

I haven’t been writing large amount material for the current book I am working on.

I’m definitely pushing myself rather hard these past few months; considering I just released a 200+ page physical and eBook less than a month ago. Siren Song: Stay Stay Stay By Stephen Stilwell

Looking forward to happy Thanksgiving and more cool weather in the sunshine state, Florida.

Chasing a Passion: Book #4 Progress Update and eBook Announcement

Starting today, I’ll be starting to release little tidbits and bites of the fourth book I’ve started writing.

This also comes with great news;

My third book, Siren Song, has just gone live for eBook on Kindle through the Amazon store.

Check out, Siren Song for Kindle eBook at the link below!

Siren Song: Stay Stay Stay

Going to be releasing more upbeat content here on tea, coffee, productivity, focus, food and health, mixed in with a little bit of business and lifestyle.


Free Book Giveaway: Siren Song by Stephen Stilwell

To celebrate the release of my third book, Siren Song, I’m giving away a free copy!


All you have to do is visit the link and use your twitter account to enter!


Winner selected on October 29th.


Lastly, thank you friends for your never ending support.

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First Week: Author Update and Thanks!

Hey all!

This is Stephen, master behind this little cyber movement.

Would just like to give a big thank you to those who have taken the time to visit the page and see what we are all about here at, StephenDiagram.

This is looking like a very successful source of media!


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Writing has always been enjoyable to me.

You can purchase any of my two poetry books on Amazon.

First book: Stay Stay Stay

Second book: Soft Green Shade

Available on both Kindle and Paperback.


Again, this is Stephen, Creator and Mind behind this entire project. Thank you all for your support and I look forward to supplying you with entertaining education,

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