World Cup – Russia 2018: USA Disqualified After An Immense Upset

October 10th, 2017 – USA vs Trinidad and Tobago: Final 2-1

The United States only needed to force to a Draw in order to advance to the World Cup.

Coach Bruce Arena’s entire career is tarnished.

Goals and Highlights from the game below

The last time the US didn’t qualify for the world cup was in 1986.

Everyone is referring to Panama’s game winning goal over Costa Rica as the “phantom goal“, after a very controversial decision by the referee which also helped eliminate the US from the World Cup 2018.

Vladimir Putin must be sleeping well tonight; knowing Russia will not host the US Men’s National Soccer Team this year.

Bruce Arena Post-Game Press Conference – USA vs. Trinidad & Tobago

Puerto Rico – San Juan Mayor: Trump responds “Poor Leadership”

After Hurricane Maria passed through Puerto Rico, inhabitants of the island are in desperate need of food, water, electricity and shelter.

The capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, houses the now famed Mayor “Carmen Yulín Cruz“.

Mayor Yulin Cruz has been asking for more help from the American Federal Government.

Trump tweeted a series of statements saying it is poor leadership for the mayor to bite at the federal government, and continues to write that this is a strategy encouraged by the Democrats.

Blaming the Democrats is just another nail in the coffin for the party divide in America.

Bipartisanship is not a goal President Trump.

170929081338-mayor-cruz-exlarge-169Pictured: Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz

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