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Owner, Stephen Stilwell is dedicated to sharing entertaining information with a slice of education.



Hot off the press! Life lessons, poetry, self-development and growth.
Two books in one!
Siren Song: Stay Stay Stay

At StephenDiagram, we are passionately dedicated to writing information about current events and entertaining blasts from the past.

Books I’ve written and published!

Stay Stay Stay – The Poetry of Stephen Stilwell

  • Written over 5 years
  • Great Story Telling through poetry
  • Evolution of style
  • Roller-coaster of emotion
  • Both Paperback and eBook Kindle

Soft Green Shade – Stephen Stilwell

  • High Quality lyrics
  • Inspirational rhythms through poetry
  • Perfected beat and time
  • Both Paperback and eBook Kindle

Siren Song – Stephen Stilwell

  • Most Recent Release 2017
  • Includes the first book, Stay Stay Stay
  • Experimental Writing Styles
  • Great Life Lessons and Wisdom

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