Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing and Advertising by Ryan Holiday | Summary Review by Stephen Diagram

The Formula

  1. Achieve Product-Market Fit: sell something people really want
  2. Find a Growth Hack: cost effective and viral
  3. High Retention: turn people into sticky or repeat customers

In Traditional Marketing:

  • a product is handed to the marketing team
  • it is up to the marketing team to sell it
  • requires a large budget
  • tough to track results and Return On Investment ( ROI )

Growth Hackers Build Marketing into the Product Itself

  • a self-selling product
  • viral
  • small clever triggers
  • test, track and sell

  1. Develop Minimum Viable Product
  2. Get it to the Market ASAP
  3. Test
  4. Get Feedback
  5. Iterate
  6. Repeat

The Keys to Growth Hacking

  • Develop a great product that resonates with the market
  • Dominate a niche, and resist the temptation to go big
  • identify a niche core user-based environment
  • be cost effectively reaching the users
  • let the users grow your network for free

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