Book Review: Sam Walton – Made in America (The Secret Behind Walmart’s Success) | Stephen Diagram

Sam Walton – Made in America (The Secret Behind Walmart’s Success)

  1. Bring out the best in your employees
  2. Give your best to your customers
  3. Teach value to everyone you meet

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  1. Walmart’s 2005 income was over $11 billion
  2. Walmart is the largest employer of people in the United States and Mexico

Walton was so busy visiting Walmart stores and his rivals’ stores that his personal secretary had refused to make appointments since Walton would often not show up.

  1. Set extremely high personal goals
  2. Have a competitive spirit
  3. Have an intense drive to suceed

“Everyone is doing something right.”

  1. Learn people skills by sparking conversations
  2. Use the other person’s name in conversation if you can

To get the most out of your formal education, try to worry less about grades, and worry more about the specific value you can learn from taking the class.

  1. Find a mentor, coach or teacher

Sam Walton of Walmart once checked out every single book his library had to offer about Retail. He also spent a lot of time research his competitor stores.

  1. Refer to yourself as a student – be an avid learner
  2. You can learn from everyone; especially the competition
  3. Get outside input. Your enemies are more honest in revealing your areas to improve

“Great ideas come from everywhere. Just look and listen.”

  1. Walton said, “Our best ideas come from our workers and customers.”
  2. Apply what you learn.
  3. Constantly “fiddle and meddle”
  4. Grab ideas from anyone.
  5. Shake it up, innovate, repeat.
  6. Admit your mistakes; share your success
  7. Have little capacity for embarrassment
  8. Travel the world even if its just for 1 good idea

Walton would set up internal competitions between his employees to sell the most items so he could find which items performed the best.

Walton said,

“Most everything I’ve done, I’ve copied from others.”

BUY Sam Walton: Made In America

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