Book Review: Create or Hate – Successful People Make Things by Dan Norris | Stephen Diagram

“There are people who make things happens, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened.” – Jim Lowell

“Everything around you was created by people who were no smarter than you.” – Steve Jobs

BUY Create or Hate – Successful People Make Things by Dan Norris Create Or Hate: Successful People Make Things

Create or Hate – Successful People Make Things by Dan Norris is split up into 5 sections.

  1. Successful People Make Things
  2. Meet Hate
  3. Fight Hate
  4. How to be Creative
  5. Today’s Task: Make Something

Success is random and unpredictable

  1. You can’t understand others if you don’t make an attempt to understand them
  2. Don’t rush to judge others
  3. Judge less, understand better
  4. Notice Empathy. Notice curious people. Notice people who don’t talk about themselves.
  5. Spend more time with others in person.
  6. Talk less, listen more
  7. Create more things. You’ll be less quick to judge others and more appreciative of their creations
  8. Realize empathy and sympathy are very different
  9. Optimism can hurt empathy
  10. The more you talk, the less you listen
  11. Learn to become a better listener and communicator
  12. Try to empathize with the difficult to understand
  13. Practice reading emotions and body language

Timing is a huge factor that is rarely acknowledged. It can be the different between complete failure and monumental success. What a person starts with, who their friends are, and what they have access to are all factors that determine success.

“The only thing I do know about successful people is that they create things.”

“To find a few ideas that work, you need to try a lot that don’t.”

“It’s easy to attack and destroy an act of creation. It’s a lot more difficult to perform one.” – Chuck Palahniuk

“It’s better to create something that others criticize than to create nothing & criticize others.” – Ricky Gervais

Anytime you engage in negativity, you feed hate and starve create.

“If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.” – Elon Musk

If you can fail quickly and without worry, you can correct course quicker, improve quicker, learn more, and achieve more.

“Hate will have you see a 97% chance of failure as a reason not to try. Creators will use it as a motivator to start now and get to work.”

“Everything that needs to be said has already been said, but since no one was listening, everything must be said again.”

  1. Understand you have two choices: to create or consume.
  2. Create so much they can’t ignore you
  3. A change of scenery and a relaxed mind can help increase creativity

BUY Create or Hate – Successful People Make Things by Dan Norris Create Or Hate: Successful People Make Things


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  1. Stephen J. Stilwell was an American Lawyer (May 10, 1866 – April 20, 1942) are you a descendant? He also owned and edited The Reformer, a Democratic newspaper in Mount Vernon. Are you any relation to him?

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    1. Hello. He was actually a relative of mine. The Stilwell family came over to America in the 1600s. Most of us still around the Virginia, up to New York area of the United States.

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