Book Review: Silent Sales Machine 10.0 by Jim Cockrum | Stephen Diagram

Silent Sales Machine 10.0 by Jim Cockrum teaches and inspires beginners to start a business based on a three step process: Consult, Sell, Expand.

First you sell, then you collect emails. Gain a following, build a community, and sell your expertise.

  1. Serve and Create Value
  2. Grow an Audience
  3. Guard Your Reputation
  4. Only Do What Only You Can Do
  5. Avoid Online Entrepreneur Pitfalls

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Serve and Create Value

You must put the customer first. You must give them something that they want. Be honest, be generous, be conscientious. People can see right through shady business practice. Create and offer them something that they need, and something that they will use.

Grow an Audience

People like to feel like they are part of a thriving community. You need to spearhead a movement. Get people thinking, moving and interacting with each other. Pose questions, create a place for them. The environment needs to be welcoming and productive. The email lists you put together should help educate your fans and friends about upcoming offers, both exclusive to them and not. You need to serve them, nurture them and give them value.

Guard your Reputation

You must never slack. Be able to adapt in an evolving market place. Don’t spam your readers or persuade them into biting a bait that isn’t worth their time. People leave reviews and people talk. On open forums, they will both defend and attack your name. Be prepared for some negativity. Not every fish is going to bite.

Only Do What Only You Can Do

You’re specialized in a niche. You know the in’s and out’s of your area. Do what you’re successful do. Continue to specialize and master your skills. You are valuable if only you can do what only you can do. Provide value that only you can bring to the table. Warren Buffet doesn’t invest in anything he doesn’t fully understand. It’s okay to take small risk here and there, but try to focus on the areas that bring you the most success and milk it for all its worth.

Avoid Online Entrepreneur Pitfalls

Beginners should avoid Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), affiliate marketing and common traffic driving gimmicks. The most offensive and difficult to detect scams are the ones that make you feel good. Avoid people with the guru charisma, or at least take it with a grain of salt. These people tell great stories, but telling great stories doesn’t necessarily make them a great leader or teacher. Be careful when dealing with people who boast about their success and the success of a handful of their students. They are the exception; know your odds of success.

Short Review of Silent Sales Machine 10.0 by Jim Cockrum

Sell, Expand, Consult. One stream at a time. Don’t go multiple directions at the same time. Dominate a specialized niche; what do customers want but can’t get online? Don’t let business own you, hire help with your earnings and profits; automate portions of your business. Work smarter, not harder.

People with skills work for people with great ideas.

BUY Silent Sales Machine 10.0 by Jim Cockrum Silent Sales Machine 10.0

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