Best Books 2017: A Book Review by Stephen Diagram – Bestseller sales

Today I’ll be reviewing my three books

  1. Stay Stay Stay by Stephen Stilwell
  2. Soft Green Shade by Stephen Stilwell
  3. Siren Song by Stephen Stilwell 

A musical collection of poetry that will take you through verse and chorus of every rhythmic line. Let beat after beat carry you along the journey of every poem’s relatable tale. This is for those with minute to spare or an hour kill; every valley has a hill. A relatable collection of poetry that parallels the struggles of growing up, growing together and growing apart. This is getting old but staying young; this is growth and decay; this is Stay Stay Stay– for a minute or an hour in whichever way. Let the ebb and flow of syllables take you away. Climb with the highs and fall with the lows; let the musical arrangement of words carry you through the day.

These are my best books and bestsellers of 2017; they contain rhymes and poems. I suggest these books for people looking to find something in Young Adult Fiction that’s more on the poetic side of things.

Siren Song is the best deal in terms of sales, since it also contains Stay Stay Stay, the first book on the list.

As always, all three best books 2017 are available in Paperback and eBook digital format through Amazon and Amazon Kindle!

Siren Song (Amazon 2 Day Shipping on Paperback and Instant on eBook) Siren Song: Stay Stay Stay

Soft Green Shade  (Amazon 2 Day Shipping on Paperback and Instant on eBook) Soft Green Shade

Stay Stay Stay (Amazon 2 Day Shipping on Paperback and Instant on eBook) Stay Stay Stay

As always, thanks for stopping by here at Stephen Diagram!

Leave any comments or questions, you may have.

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