Yerba Mate: The Super Drink with the “Strength of Coffee, the Health Benefits of Tea, and the Euphoria of Chocolate”

Yerba Mate is the superfood of beverages; supporting mental clarity and an awakened state of mind–it was discovered and consumed by the Guaraní people indigenous to Central and South America.

As an enthusiastic tea and coffee drinker, I was very excited to find Yerba Mate loose leaf in my local grocery store.

Though traditionally made and consumed in a mate gourd, pictured below, I prefer to use a loose leaf tea strainer ball or a french press.


Though you can opt for tea bag mate here

Guayaki Traditional Organic Mate Tea, 7.9 oz (225g), 75 Tea Bags

Yerba mate is incredibly enjoyable on the tongue; a quality most healthy consumables lack. I personally find the taste to be similar to some green teas.

In my experience and through research, the only flavor that’s really on a spectrum here is the amount of smokiness from brand to brand; but you can expect a bit of floral flowers on the nose and an earthy aroma.

The perceived mental clarity comes on rather quickly but smoothly; you aren’t flipped on like a switch–instead I find this soothing calm to wash over my head and down my back.

Yerba Mate doesn’t have much caffeine, though it does contain some. The invigorating energy stems from its unique character of polyphenols, one of the three major classes of antioxidants.

This is a drink you can use to relax or get busy working; I personally enjoy the productivity and clear focus Yerba Mate offers.

I very highly recommend trying out this 3-pack of canned and deliciously flavored Yerba Mate for under $5

Guayaki Yerba Mate Variety – 3 Pack

A little more information on Yerba Mate vs Coffee for those curious enough to consider making the switch or supplementing your daily energy boosts!

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  1. arv! says:

    Beautiful post. Looks like you love coffee!

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    1. Coffee, Tea, Herbs! Anything to make me perform better and most importantly, FEEL better.

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