Blogging 101: How to Grow Your Blog, Gain a Following and Maintain an Audience | Tips and Tricks

You’ve read a couple articles promising followers on Instagram, page likes on Facebook and ad clicks on your website but nothing’s seemed to truly rake in the numbers.

In the beginning, we all get a blank canvas to work with; though this can either be a blessing or a curse for some, let’s do our best to stay focused and stick to the plan.

Everyone will tell you to get a nice DSLR camera (the large fancy ones), a softbox or umbrella for lighting and an expensive microphone since all the big Youtube channels use that, right?

Don’t. Don’t invest all this money behind your name before you have the content to back it up; and the bold truth is this takes work.

This means brainstorming and looking for your next blog post idea or video opportunity.

Though sometimes, the content will come to you, this is a dangerous perspective to hold because it puts your environment in control of you.

Content is King.

For me, this means always carrying around a little notebook or notepad.

Write 10 New / Good Ideas a Day.

This habit is a reliable way to gain a steady following through your innovative content.

Some people will preach SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but even a blog or channel without the content will still fail.

Unfortunately for the lazy, this means starting to get into amateur photography and video.

Today, text articles are very rarely enough.

Formatting Makes You Famous.

Emulate the greats and fake it ’til you make it.

Don’t plagiarize your favorite bloggers and Youtubers, but you need to be fine with using them as inspiration; role models are there to provide guidance.

Time used to perfect your craft is time never wasted.

Always invest in yourself.

Set attainable goals.

Keep it simple.


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  1. I have a list in my phone that I add all my ideas to, similar to your notepad. Otherwise I’d forget before I got a chance to write.

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    1. I have a list on my phone as well but for whatever reason I can’t seem to get into the habit of checking it very regularly. I’ve recently been filling the walls of my room with little post-it note ideas.

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      1. Maybe it says more about me being addicted to my phone then.
        Oh a wall filled with post-it note ideas would be so cool (and actually a really cool photo I think)


  2. indysligo says:

    I’m up to 20 followers after 6 months. Admittedly, I’m not aggressively marketing my “product,” and each new follower is encouraging. It’s frustrating to see someone else who’s only been blogging a few weeks have hundreds of followers and getting hundreds of likes on each post. I’m curious if some of those folks aren’t in it for the long haul. A year from now they’ll be completely gone.

    Either way, thanks for the tips, and thanks for finding my blog and becoming a follower!

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    1. In my perspective, I try to make meaningful engagements with other bloggers. The more organic the better.


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