MySpace: How the Social Media Giant Thrived and Died

Tom from MySpace, Anderson. Everyone from the golden age of the MySpace Era knows of the mastermind behind the now dead social media site but how did MySpace win and lose our hearts?

MySpace offered us the ability to fully customize every little detail about our profile – this, though both a blessing and a curse, gave MySpace its unique character for a budding social media site.

MySpace provided profile themes for those who lacked the knowledge to manually program and write software for their site. Though these tools are very strong in the right hands, they are also useless in the hands of those without the know-how.

Facebook doesn’t offer even 10% of the customizability that MySpace had to offer, but this is what enabled their base to grow. MySpace was a programmers safe-haven.

Pictured: Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is to Apple, as MySpace is to Android.

Apple is very user friendly, doing all the work for you – while over on the android Linux mobile operating system environment, you can fully customize your phone and install an endless amount of third party software.

I’d personally love to see if there’s a relationship between those who love Apple / Mac / iPhone and Facebook vs those who love Linux / Android and MySpace.

The tools are only useful in hands of those who know how to use them.

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