Elon Musk – SpaceX: Colonizing Mars with Largest Rocket Ever Imagined in 2022

Elon Musk, the mind behind SpaceX, recently unveiled details for SpaceX to colonize Mars using his new BFR – Big F…alcon Rocket – in 2022.

This Big F..ing Rocket is unimaginable larger than anything ever launched.

The largest rocket ever launched was Saturn V, but BFR puts it to shame. Refer to the image for size comparison. From left to right: Saturn V, BFR and SpaceX’s Falcon 9.


Though Elon Musk goes into great detail about the 30+ engines, and the enormous fuel tanks in this full video below, the important part here is creating a world where you are excited to wake up and explore the unknown

Elon Musk is first and foremost a businessman, no doubt. He needs to SpaceX to make money so he can reinvest it into his company for future endeavors, but he also strongly advocates for pushing the boundaries.

Explore the frontier, put yourself in an environment where you can learn and grow.

As Neil DeGrasse Tyson once said, We Stopped Dreaming.


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