A Lesson in Role Models: You’re Only As Slow As Who You’re Following

The title speaks volumes; this realization came to me while driving home one afternoon as I got caught up in the slow lane.

Lately I’ve been reading my fair share of self-help books, business articles and entrepreneur advice. This helped me come to the conclusion that you need to have motivational goals and role models to follow.

Sometimes you need to cut the dead weight and just get behind something larger than yourself. Work towards getting in the lane best suited to helping yourself become successful.

This means subscribing to blogs who continue to dominate their respective fields. Emulate the famed geniuses and fake it ’til you make it.

Quit taking advice from that Youtube channel with a following of 100, and take note of people who have been able to create a fan-base of millions.

You don’t have to directly follow their words, but watch their actions.

Do they post every day? How do they stay relevant?

Learn how to build your brand and sell yourself.

You are your most important asset.

Invest in yourself.

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  1. 55yellow says:

    Perhaps this is more literal than you were going for but I drive a long commute often times behind the slowest car on the freeway. My mantra is, “Pick up the pace or get outta my way.”

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