Elon Musk: What I’ve Learned from the Innovative Giant

Founder of Paypal, Space-X and Tesla, Elon Musk is nothing short of a genius and hard worker. With a life devoted to his career, the inventor has had much to say on the topics of philosophy and business principles.

After listening to a short segment on his views for Thomas Edison vs Nikola Tesla, I’ve come to finally see the light of Edison. Originally, I was a huge fan of Tesla, often viewing Edison’s business tactics as very shady. I’ve accepted that there is something respectable about getting your product to market; something Tesla struggled with.

Musk once said something along the lines of “Always have optimism, but be realistic.” Not every one of your great ideas will come to fruition, and even if they do, they may still remain unsuccessful.

Diversify. You’ve heard to never put all your eggs in one basket. Sure, maybe Musk is CEO of 5 massive companies. Is he a workaholic? Most certainly. Is he always looking for another interest to pursue? Definitely; but maybe he too knows not to put all his time and resources into one single entity.

Musk has shown that it’s more than fine to dream. You must dream to inspire yourself, but set attainable goals in the meantime. He may have started Space-X with the intention of making humans an interplanetary species, but that wasn’t the businesses first project. You must generate revenue to keep your company pushing to the next big idea.


A lover of knowledge we must become.


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