Coffee Chew: A New Way to Increase Focus and Improve Attention

As an enthusiastic coffee drinker, I’m always looking for the next new way to enjoy this brewed beverage; turns out I wasn’t being that inventive.

It’s called coffee chew, and it’s very unfortunately similar to tobacco snuff, snus and dip.

Of course it doesn’t come with any of the harmful effects of heavily processed and manufactured tobacco, but the method of consumption carries that ill stigma.

In the same way that vaping is as obnoxious as cigarettes, coffee chew will also bring those public looks of disgust.

Cowboy Chew and Major League Dip are two of the most popular coffee chews available.

The contents are coffee, sugar, honey and cream. 

In my experience, this is a great way to experience your caffeine without having to worry about keeping your coffee hot or cold, if iced.

The accessibility of this product is its saving grace.

You can consume this literally anywhere.

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