Grey’s Anatomy: Season 14 Premiere (2017) – Should You Watch It?

As a 22 year old who has grown up in America, I get incredibly shocking reactions after having to admit I’ve never seen a single episode of this critically-acclaimed television series.

Sure, I know its a super dramatic, very personal, story-driven hospital show that follows the life of this woman Meredith Grey; but what about her life could run this show from 2005 to 2017?

Of course they must be running out of content, yes?

Turns out, no.

Grey’s Anatomy just debuted the premiere of their 14th season.

This show has to just be a less funny version of scrubs.

I imagine this is just soap opera in disguise.

According to Google, there are 269 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, with an average episode length of 41 minutes.

This totals out to 183 hours of Grey’s Anatomy;

Making this show three times as long as Game of Thrones.

If you watched Grey’s Anatomy for 8 hours a day, it would take over 3 weeks to watch the show; which actually doesn’t sound like a very long time.

Of course, only 1 hour a day would take you half a year, but who is counting?



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