Get Work Done! – Creating a False Sense of Urgency

Become an efficiency machine.

Do more work than you’ve been doing recently.

It’s the same concept as setting your clock a few minutes fast.

You create a small bit of panic and work harder because of it.

The secret here is that there is no immediate threat.

The urgency created is only a motivating factor.

It’s the relieving feeling you get when you leave for an appointment early.

You get that small cushion of relief.

Ultimately, you want this to become a habit; to have this perspective on life.

It’s not about being in a rush.

You know the urgency is a false creation. You mean well. You have all the best intentions for yourself.

The panic is illogical. A phobia.

One that can be turned off in an instant with a very thought.

You have something due in a week. Treat it like it’s due tomorrow.

If you fail to complete the task, it’s fine. Just continue to fake the urgency.

If you happen to complete the task, you have time to review your work and improve it.

No harm, no foul.

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  1. I can identify with this. I prioritize my tasks– and set my own earlier deadlines to get the most important ones done first. Yet, if it doesn’t work out, I know tomorrow is another day. Thanks for writing about this.

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    1. Absolutey my thoughts, exactly. Your productivity relies on your perspective on the project!


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