Key to Success: Become an Impulsive Note-Taker

So you’re looking for that one habit that will revolutionize the way you organize every ground-breaking idea you’ve ever had.

This isn’t one-size-fits-all, but rather one-size-fits-many.

A tiny habit that’s sure to make you feel more knowledgeable and wholesome.

This isn’t about sinking into a rut or painstaking routine; this is about getting your life on track through the use of notes: both mental and physical.

Perspective. Attitude. Perseverance. 

Not every dream is destined for success. You must plant many seeds.

As of recently, I’ve been collecting little post-it notes. (Sticky notes? What-ever you call them.) Every time I see a way to improve a problem, I bullet-point what’s going on in my head.

Question everything. Demand dissatisfaction. 

A problem is an opportunity. A challenge. An obstacle. A chance to grow.

When a problem arises, you are begged to speak, and speak you must.

Solving a mystery should be looked at as a refreshing opportunity to learn something. This is how you identify a need in the world.

Don’t work for free. You are valuable. 

If you have a strength, you should flaunt it. Write it down. 

With the attitude, you can go far.

Seek knowledge. Address problem. Persist. Solve.

Record that voice memo.

Rapidly type that fleeting memory.

Cover your life in descriptions.

Describe and Measure.

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