One Way Trip to an Anxious Night

Its about midnight and you have no intention of staying up through morning.

You’re bored and looking for a little excitement before you head off to bed.

Tonight I took a two minute trip to the local gas station and quickly poured myself a decaffeinated iced coffee; never before have I ever even considered the thought of drinking decaff being the caffeine purist that I am. Either way, I added my sugary creamers to my tall glass and headed back home.

Now call it paranoia or just plain skepticism, but as I got comfortably back to my bedroom; I couldn’t remember for the life of me whether my nighttime beverage was spiced up with caffeine or not.

Mind you, I try to only drink coffee between the morning hours and afternoon. I’ve played mind tricks on myself; convinced I’ve performed the most miserable act imaginable. Now I’m stuck drinking the desert-tasting beverage without knowing exactly what I’ve gotten myself into.

Will I be forced to toss and turn until 4am or happily dream my night away?

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