Kim Jong Un: “Annyeong Dotard Trump”

Now that the hype around the recent United Nations meeting has passed;

Can we discuss the all-out haircut war that we are currently experiencing between America and North Korea?

You’d think the possibility of nuclear attacks to be a more hot topic, but no.

Kim Jong Un, leader of North Korea, who appears to look a hell of a lot like PSY from Gangnam Style :

It’s no doubt Korean Pop is destroying American Pop.


Pictured: hottest and great kpop group of all-time Girls Generation (SNSD)

All we have in America is Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

With all due respect, are okay artists but no where near the level of popularity as korean pop groups.

Korea 1 – America 0

Trump’s hair is fake.

Kim Jong Un’s is real.

Korea 2 – America 0

It’s really no contest here.

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