Rock and Punk Inspired Guitar Riff Lesson with Tab

Maybe you’ve heard of the most popular alternate tuning: Drop D.

Maybe you haven’t.

Today’s fun lesson utilizes the tuning in order to play some really easy and great sounding riffs.

Standard tuning is EADGBe. Drop D is DADGBe.

You can drop your fattest guitar string a whole step with the help of any guitar tuning mobile application or by ear. There are plenty of helpful ways today via the internet. Anyone can become a guitar player.


This is the riff we’ll be learning.

If you’ve never read a tablature, the numbers correspond to the frets.

They are all incredibly similar with a small change to the end of each one that offers a little bit of what us musicians call “flavor” to the riff.

*  = palm muted

h = hammer-on

At the end of riff 2 is a 7 on the D string.

At the end of riff 3 is a 12 on the A string.

These notes are technically the same, but included them both. It’s personal preference.

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