Overwatch Tank Tier List

Here are our picks for season 6’s tank heroes

1: Zarya – Not chosen for her ease of play. Zarya has everything a tank needs to soak and deal damage. With a game changing ult and a difficult to manage energy building passive, Zarya mains will consistently earn hero damage medals. Though noobs won’t be able to effortlessly acquire ultimate charge, launching a graviton surge at the first objective is almost always a guaranteed capture for the first point. Choose Zarya if you want a challenging but rewarding gameplay experience.

2: Winston – Winston’s ability to jump on every Hanzo and Windowmaker with easy is what puts him high on this list. First of all, playing as an immortalized Harambe has to be the most entertaining of all, but destroying those annoying enemy backline snipers is what this hero is all about. Winston’s ultimate will restore all of his health and increase the bar to 1,000; this means you should be using your ultimate as your health nears zero. Most Winston’s won’t be able to acquire a hero damage medal but a damage blocked card is almost always guaranteed with its ability to bubble a D.Va ultimate. Trying nerfing that, D.Va.

3: D.Va – D.Va’s mobility and defense matrix is what we should be talking about, but of course everyone wants that quadruple kill. Like Winston. D.Va is the only other truly mobile hero. Her ability to chase and stomp out those Mercy and Genji mains is what makes her a true threat to the OTP fandom. D.Va’s defense matrix can cancel a ridiculous amount of annoying abilities. Watch a reaper rage-quit when you defense matrix his entire Death Blossom ultimate ability. Hero Damage Blocked – A lot.

4. Roadhog – Now that we’re at the backside of the list, let’s discuss some changes to Roadhog that keep him from being the worst on the list. A new update allows this hero to take less damage while self-healing. If you’re looking for a tank who can earn 5 gold medals, looks no further. Roadhog is the only tank capable of getting gold healing. How many times have you almost killed a Roadhog just to see him full health when you turn the corner? After a nerf to his hook-shot 2-shot instakill combo, Roadhog comes in as number 4 with an ultimate that’s just very underwhelming and rarely fun to use.

5. Orisa – My personal favorite tank and robotic pal, Orisa just needs a rework to her ultimate ability. This thing is rarely used efficiently and the charge time on it is too long for what it does. If you’ve made it down far-enough to here, we congratulate you. Most players aren’t looking to play the bottom half of the list in ranked unless they are one-tricks. Personally, there’s nothing as fun as setting up your barrier on the payload multiple times and watching your damage blocked soar above 10k in a matter of minutes. Pulling enemies off the map comes in as Orisa’s favorite passtime.

6. Reinhardt – Let’s face it, this hero is just bad in almost everyone’s hands. That 2k shield is just outright bad. Another hero deserving of a rework. A great Reinhardt is difficult to find because they rarely exist. You won’t be getting any medals with this hero. The only fun you’ll find in Reinhardt is pinning enemies against the wall, but watch out for that enemy Doomfist waiting to one-shot you as you pin his Mercy. This is a hero not worth investing your time in.

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