Overwatch Patch 9/19/2017 RIP Old Mercy

September 19th, 2017

The day Mercy died. (Blizzard pls rez)

Who am I kidding? The new Mercy is a complete blast to play and offers an incredibly reinvigorating style of game-play. Acquiring cards in the post-game screen for getting 20 players resurrected feels like an entirely new rewarding experience. Whether you want to fly around for 20 seconds as battle Mercy or become a rez machine like the original Mercy, Blizzard did a really good job at balancing this patch. (Except for D.Va, what are those new missiles!?)

Good-luck to those looking to insta-lock Mercy in the pregame character selection. She is heavily sought after and for good reason! This style of play is leagues beyond what Blizzard offered us through Doomfist; who continues to be a rarely seen hero out on the battle field.

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