When Will Girl’s Generation (SNSD) Disband for Good?

Let me start by saying I am by no means asking that they break up anytime soon,

but they’ve been around for so long that its a discussion worth having,

especially since they’ve been on the decline since Jessica left the group.

With their recent release of Holiday Night to help celebrate their ten year anniversary, SNSD managed to reach number 2 on the South Korean Gaon Album Chart. Number 2 just isn’t in the blood for a group that used to completely dominate the South Korean music charts.

This begs the question of when will SM Entertainment finally pull the plug on the girls?

Tiffany is constantly under fire; when was the last time you saw someone bias Fany?

As for the solo careers: Tiffany, Jessica, Seohyun and Hyoyeon have been doing mediocre jobs at building hype around their lone music ventures.

Though I do personally love Taeyeon’s solo career; I believe she has been the most successful.

SM Station is something I dread listening to after those embarrassingly average Hyoyeon solo debuts.

Puerto Rico – San Juan Mayor: Trump responds “Poor Leadership”

After Hurricane Maria passed through Puerto Rico, inhabitants of the island are in desperate need of food, water, electricity and shelter.

The capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, houses the now famed Mayor “Carmen Yulín Cruz“.

Mayor Yulin Cruz has been asking for more help from the American Federal Government.

Trump tweeted a series of statements saying it is poor leadership for the mayor to bite at the federal government, and continues to write that this is a strategy encouraged by the Democrats.

Blaming the Democrats is just another nail in the coffin for the party divide in America.

Bipartisanship is not a goal President Trump.

170929081338-mayor-cruz-exlarge-169Pictured: Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz

Grey’s Anatomy: Season 14 Premiere (2017) – Should You Watch It?

As a 22 year old who has grown up in America, I get incredibly shocking reactions after having to admit I’ve never seen a single episode of this critically-acclaimed television series.

Sure, I know its a super dramatic, very personal, story-driven hospital show that follows the life of this woman Meredith Grey; but what about her life could run this show from 2005 to 2017?

Of course they must be running out of content, yes?

Turns out, no.

Grey’s Anatomy just debuted the premiere of their 14th season.

This show has to just be a less funny version of scrubs.

I imagine this is just soap opera in disguise.

According to Google, there are 269 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, with an average episode length of 41 minutes.

This totals out to 183 hours of Grey’s Anatomy;

Making this show three times as long as Game of Thrones.

If you watched Grey’s Anatomy for 8 hours a day, it would take over 3 weeks to watch the show; which actually doesn’t sound like a very long time.

Of course, only 1 hour a day would take you half a year, but who is counting?



EXO: World Tour 3 – New Photobook and Live Album

EXO Planet 3 – The Exo’rDIUM

The South Korean kpop group is releasing a photobook and live album of their third world tour.

For American and European fans like myself, this is a chance to experience the group in its entirety.

Though, member Kai suffered and ankle injury and missed the first three months of the tour, I believe the photobook and live album will still include a good deal of full member content.

With hits like, “Ko Ko Bop”, “Monster”, “Growl”, “CALL ME BABY”, “The Eve”, and “LOVE ME RIGHT”, EXO is arguably one of the biggest and most important Korean boy bands of all time.

The only other contenders being BIGBANG and BTS.

(please don’t crucify me)

Who is your favorite member?










How BTS Continues to Top the Kpop Charts

Ever since their 2013 debut, BTS has been on a constant climb to success.

From their first song “No More Dream” to their recently released mini album Love Yourself ‘Her’

BTS has yet to reach their peak.

Jin, Suga, J-hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V and Jungkook have worked incredibly hard to get to where they are, but how?

It all boils down to the lyrics in their first huge hit, DOPE.

“I stay up all night to work, everyday”

“While you’re playing in the club”

Though the Korean boy group has been at the top of their game for almost 5 years now, they show no intention of slowing down.

This is a group that takes pride in their work and knows what it takes to reach the big league.

The highenergy songs and dance.

Jimin’s peaceful solo songs.

This group has it all and their fanbase is no different.

Calling themselves ARMY; they truly are as aggressive force, helping BTS reach stardom.

Get Work Done! – Creating a False Sense of Urgency

Become an efficiency machine.

Do more work than you’ve been doing recently.

It’s the same concept as setting your clock a few minutes fast.

You create a small bit of panic and work harder because of it.

The secret here is that there is no immediate threat.

The urgency created is only a motivating factor.

It’s the relieving feeling you get when you leave for an appointment early.

You get that small cushion of relief.

Ultimately, you want this to become a habit; to have this perspective on life.

It’s not about being in a rush.

You know the urgency is a false creation. You mean well. You have all the best intentions for yourself.

The panic is illogical. A phobia.

One that can be turned off in an instant with a very thought.

You have something due in a week. Treat it like it’s due tomorrow.

If you fail to complete the task, it’s fine. Just continue to fake the urgency.

If you happen to complete the task, you have time to review your work and improve it.

No harm, no foul.

All Time Low: So Wrong, It’s Right – 10 Year Anniversary

How well do you know the words to All Time Low’s album So Wrong, It’s Right?

Take the quiz here!

( https://www.playbuzz.com/aimatrabolmeicher10/how-well-do-you-know-the-words-to-all-time-low-s-so-wrong-its-right )

Though All Time Low are busy celebrating the release of their recent album Last Young Renegade


Let’s continue to wish for a 10 year tour of So Wrong, It’s Right in its entirety.

Which track are you most excited to see performed?

1. “This Is How We Do” 2:29
2. “Let It Roll” 3:00
3. “Six Feet Under the Stars” 3:36
4. “Holly (Would You Turn Me On?)” 3:52
5. “The Beach” 3:01
6. Dear Maria, Count Me In 3:02
7. “Shameless” 3:41
8. “Remembering Sunday” 4:16
9. “Vegas” 2:49
10. “Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last for a Night)” 3:34
11. “Come One, Come All” 3:32
12. “Poppin’ Champagne” 3:21

I am personally excited for This is How We Do!

Key to Success: Become an Impulsive Note-Taker

So you’re looking for that one habit that will revolutionize the way you organize every ground-breaking idea you’ve ever had.

This isn’t one-size-fits-all, but rather one-size-fits-many.

A tiny habit that’s sure to make you feel more knowledgeable and wholesome.

This isn’t about sinking into a rut or painstaking routine; this is about getting your life on track through the use of notes: both mental and physical.

Perspective. Attitude. Perseverance. 

Not every dream is destined for success. You must plant many seeds.

As of recently, I’ve been collecting little post-it notes. (Sticky notes? What-ever you call them.) Every time I see a way to improve a problem, I bullet-point what’s going on in my head.

Question everything. Demand dissatisfaction. 

A problem is an opportunity. A challenge. An obstacle. A chance to grow.

When a problem arises, you are begged to speak, and speak you must.

Solving a mystery should be looked at as a refreshing opportunity to learn something. This is how you identify a need in the world.

Don’t work for free. You are valuable. 

If you have a strength, you should flaunt it. Write it down. 

With the attitude, you can go far.

Seek knowledge. Address problem. Persist. Solve.

Record that voice memo.

Rapidly type that fleeting memory.

Cover your life in descriptions.

Describe and Measure.

Is it OK to brush without toothpaste?

It surely can’t be worse for you than not brushing your teeth at all, right?


If you ever find yourself in a situation without toothpaste, then go ahead, brush regardless.

It should help stimulate your gums, strengthening them and remove some of the plaque you’d find on the surface of your teeth.

Of course it won’t be as beneficial as using the abrasives found in most toothpastes but it’s much better than just letting bacteria eat away at all those little delicious bits of carbohydrates, proteins and fats left behind after eating/drinking.

Think of abrasives as sandpaper.

Brushing often leaves your teeth feeling nice and smooth afterwards!

Even without the use of toothpaste, your teeth should feel noticeably more polished.

So if you find yourself without your favorite minty toothpaste, don’t hesitate to brush anyway.

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